About Us

Back in my day...
— Paul Kenney


In a way, Tribe Ties was born more than 25 years ago, when a man began selling custom-made tie dyes to fund a dedication to the Grateful Dead. His work spread far and wide, as Deadheads across the globe donned his shirts, along with a few of the Dead themselves. For years, none other than himself and his close family knew the secret to his spectacularly detailed technique. Now, his psychedelic style has returned with TRIBE TIES, a Santa Barbara based tie dye collective rooted in his virtuosic techniques. Combining bright color, symmetry, and astounding detail, we are proud to bring you shirts, sheets, and more in a cornucopia of hues and patterns. Tribe Ties - Gratefully Dying since February 2014. Join the Tribe!

Our Artists

Our Founding Staff, all proud students at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Jamie Brannan

Thomas Kenney

Owen Lane

Kenneth Oravetz

William Shearer

Jake Weeks

Kyle Wycoff

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Photography by Jamie Brannan and Founding Staff